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Historic World Discovery Map Collection

StockMapAgency.com is proud to offer our World Discovery map collection. Highlights from this collection include:

  • 1591 Map of Cuba, shows Florida region, northeastern coastline, Port Royal, Fort Caroline, Cuba, rivers, cities, and other geographical entities
  • 1595 Map of the World, in beautiful color, shows routes of Sir Francis Drake and Thomas Cavendish
  • 1606 Map of the World by Excudebat G. Ianssonius with pictorials of the Seven Wonders of the World along the border
  • 1660 Map of the World, Spectacular graphics in full color surround this map by Frederick de Wit
  • 1716 Map of the World by Johann Baptist Homann in full color. Two celestial pictorials with exotic imagery surround this highly detailed map, making it one of our most spectacular world maps.

Unique in their ability to combine the aesthetic with the historical, the classic and timeless style of these antique art prints will complement any interior design style. Crisp graphics show an unusual depth of detail that allows the viewer to find new treasures at every viewing.

These retro style prints will also appeal to family genealogists searching for a nostalgic addition to their library and to history buffs who can view the past in colorful detail. These vintage maps work as much as conversation starters as they do as symbols of the owner’s worldly perspective.

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The Age of Discovery / Age of Exploration

The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Age of Discovery or Age of Exploration was a period from the early 15th century and continuing into the early 17th century during which Europeans explored the world by ocean, searching for trading partners and particular trade goods. The most desired trading goods were gold, silver and spices. Western Europeans used new sailing ship technologies to seek a viable trade route to Asia for valuable spices, which would be uncontested by Mediterranean powers. In terms of shipping advances, the most important developments were the creation of the carrack and caravel designs in Portugal. These vessels evolved from medieval European designs from the North Sea and the Christian and Islamic Mediterranean. They were the first ships that could leave the relatively placid and calm Mediterranean, Baltic or North Sea and sail safely on the open Atlantic.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Age of Discovery".

1595 Map of The World
1606 Map of The World
1630 Map of The World
1694 Map of The World
1660 Map of The World
1664 Map of The World
1690 Map of The World
1702 Map of The World
1720 Map of The World
1799 Map of The World
1716 Map of The World
1591 Map of Cuba
1579 Map of Portugal
1600 Map of Africa
1640 Map of Africa
1742 Map of Africa
1743 Map of Africa
1679 Map of Africa
1710 Map of Central America
1690 Map of East Asia
1776 Map of Eastern Europe
1666 Map of Middle East
1767 Map of South East Asia
1732 Map of South America
1700 Map of South America
1733 Map of South America
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