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Royalty Free Agreement
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Digital Images

All StockMapAgency.com by World Trade Press digital images are sold on a "Royalty Free" (RF) basis. This means that once you purchase the map image, you have virtually unrestricted use of the image in almost all applications (print, web and broadcast), without having to pay additional royalty fees.

With a Standard License you may use the digital map image(s) in:
  • Printed brochures and other printed "collateral" materials.
  • Print advertising such as display ads.
  • Presentation materials, such as overhead transparencies and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Book covers and book interiors (excluding atlases).
  • Product packaging such as for CDs, computer software, and other products.
  • Website design.
  • Video productions.
  • Film productions.
  • Newspaper and broadcast editorial.
  • Radio editorial (just kidding).
With a Standard License you MAY NOT use the digital map images for:
  • Resale of the digital file in any format.
  • Use of the maps as a stand-alone collection of maps such as in a software product, web application, or printed atlas.
  • Products for resale such as postcards, greeting cards, calendars, wall maps, map puzzles, or posters with a press run of 1,001 or more.
  • Distribution outside of your project workgroup.
Copyright Acknowledgement (All Licenses)
Copyright acknowledgement for the image(s) must appear with the map on the product. Copyright acknowledgement can take several forms:
  1. Use the copyright line, in its existing position, so long as it is readable in the final usage of the map image, or
  2. Use the copyright line in any readable font and size, above, below or adjacent to the image, or
  3. Use the copyright line in any readable font and size on the product in "traditional positioning". For example, insert the copyright line on the back flap of a greeting card, or on the message side of a postcard.
For further information, call 800-833-8586 x3, or email sales@worldtradepress.com.

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