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Physical Map of Comoros
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Year Published: 2007
Published in: Petaluma, CA
Dimensions: 7.5 x 10.0 in (19.1 x 25.4 cm)
Publisher or Printer: World Trade Press

A choropleth thematic map of Comoros using shading to indicate elevation from sea level. Also shows provinces in outline, provincial capitals, major cities, major highways, secondary roads, major rail lines, major river systems and major lakes

Features/Layers on This Map:
  1. Legend: YES
  2. Country Names: YES
  3. Oceans or Seas Names: YES
  4. Ocean Fill: YES
  5. Country Boundary: YES
  6. Coastline: YES
  7. Latitude & Longitude: YES
  8. Country Capital Location Icon: YES
  9. Country Capital Location Name: YES
  10. Provincial Capital Location Icons: YES
  11. Provincial Capital Location Names: YES
  12. Major City Location Icons: YES
  13. Major City Location Names: YES
  14. Other Cities Locations Icons: YES
  15. Other Cities Location Names: YES
  16. Major River Systems: YES
  17. Major Mountains: YES
  18. Major Mountain Ranges: YES
  19. Major Road Systems: YES
  20. Major Rail Lines: YES
  21. Secondary Road Systems: YES
  22. Major Lakes: YES
  23. Provincial Borders: YES
  24. Provincial Names: YES
  25. Thematic Overlay: TIF

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